Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

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FG Lift on Lockdown: Nigerians should prepare for lockdown again with more infections and deaths

The federal government yesterday announced a lift on the lockdown order across the country.

This lockdown takes effect from 4th May, 2020 with a night curfew set to take effect immediately.

While this is delightful news to an average Nigerian who sees this as an opportunity to resume business and make money to take care of his or her family, to me this lift on lockdown may well spell doom for this country.

We are Nigerians and we know ourselves, the bitter truth is that an average of 70% Nigerians will not observe the social distancing and mask wearing instruction.

Let us first analysis the transportation system in Nigeria, you will see that the possibility of myriad infections and multiple deaths has just been increased.

A young man wrote this yesterday on Twitter and I think it is pertinent that I share with you.

He said; Buhari under pressure to relax lockdown. I foresee a scale-down of this restriction. But there is danger. Nigerians will not observe social distancing. Not their fault. Look at the chaotic public transport system. Infections & death will rise. The country will be shut down again.

This is exactly the problem, the public transport system is chaotic, you rarely see a motor park where buses are not jampacked with passengers.

If this scenario continues across our transportation parks then the efforts of the federal government to curtail the spread of covid19 would have tantamounted to nothingness.

Another person wrote: “If they have to space people out, transportation fares will rise drastically. The passengers will groan. I pray this is looked into by the govt. God help us.”

Now talking about wearing face mask, in states like Akwa Ibom, a facemask goes from N500 – N700.

If the federal government is thinking that a poor and most vulnerable Nigerian will take out his or her money to purchase the Facebook at that amount then clearly they don’t know Nigerians.

This alone has the potency of escalating the number of transmissions and reported cases in Nigeria within 2 weeks.

I will be flummoxed and at the same time thrilled if the nation does not embark on a more stupendous lockdown within the next 3 weeks due to a rise in reported cases and transmission of coronavirus.