Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

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Pathetic Video! Mother of Kidnapped Twin Children begs kidnappers to release her children

There is nothing as heartbreaking as a mother who knows that her kids have been kidnapped and she does not know their whereabouts.

It is probably one of the worst experiences a mother would ever wish to encounter. This is the sad story in the family of Sheikh Taofreeq Akeugbagold.

These twins children of Sheikh Taofeeq Akeugbagold were kidnapped at gun point at his residence in Ojoo, Ibadan, around 8pm yesterday. The mother of the twins was said to have been barren for 12 years before conceiving the twins.

Akeugbagold twins mother has posted a video begging for the release of her twin children.

The post which as made by her husband, Sheikh Taofeeq Akeugbagold showed the woman crying endlessly and begging the kidnappers to release her children. Watch video here.

A phone number has been provided in case anyone has any useful information regarding the where about of the children. Watch video and see the number here.

The public is hereby notified of this ugly incident and we beg that everyone shares this post.